My day stay appointment

Children’s Day Care is located on the 6th floor of Royal London Hospital, in ward 6B. Children and young people come here for all different reasons.

When you arrive for your appointment, you will first meet with the receptionist who will ask for your name and your date of birth.  You can help them by bringing your appointment letter with you so they can book you in quicker. 

You might be asked to take a seat in the waiting room and wait for your name to be called. Once your bed is ready for you, the nurse will bring you to the ward where you will be weighed and have your temperature and blood pressure taken. The nurse will also give you a tour of the ward and show you to your bed for the day.  

Your nurse will then ask you and your parent/carer more questions about your previous medical history. You will then meet with the doctor who will be performing your procedure. This doctor will make sure to answer any questions that you have about your procedure.  

If you are having an operation you will also meet with the anaesthetist. The anaesthetist is the doctor who will give you the medicine to put you to sleep for the procedure. The anaesthetist will try to give two options to go to sleep and help you choose the best one for you. 

You may meet a play specialist. The play specialist is there to help you understand what will happen while you are on day care ward. He/she can answer any questions that you have about being in the hospital. The play specialist can also bring you DVDs, board games, arts and craft activities or video games to keep you busy while you are waiting for your procedure. Please remember to bring important things with you that help reduce your worries and boredom because play resources are limited and shared between all patients in the hospital. There are also sometimes special entertainers that come to visit and provide different shows for the patients!

If you want to go online on your phone, laptop or tablet, there’s free WiFi at The Royal London Hospital. You can ask a member of staff to help you get online.