At the children’s hospital we have three excellent gyms to allow children of all ages to play and exercise. Whether you are visiting our hospital for an admission or for an appointment we have a gym and the equipment to try and help you feel better. In our gyms we have a mixture of treadmills, bikes, scooters, trampolines, hula-hoops, balance games, bouncy balls as well as lots of different sports and games to use.  We also have walking and standing aids as well as steps to help practice day-to-day movements. 

We know that exercise is really important in keeping our bodies as healthy as possible and our gyms give the chance to find a game, sport or exercise that you might enjoy doing after leaving hospital! Or you may need to come in to our gyms to use equipment that can help practice sitting, standing, balancing or walking. You might even be visiting our gyms because you have some pain at the moment. Coming to our outpatient gym will help us to understand why you get this pain and hopefully improve it through exercise.