The Paediatric Haematology department diagnoses and treats haematological conditions in infants, children and adolescents to the age of 16.

The Royal London Hospital is the specialist treatment centre for managing haemoglobinopathies (sickle cell and thalassaemia) for East London and Essex and patients are managed according to agreed shared care guidelines. Whipps Cross Hospital and Newham University Hospital are local accredited treatment centres.

We also diagnose and manage a range of non malignant conditions (neonatal haematological problems, congenital and acquired anaemia, thrombocytopenia, leucopenia, neutropenia, bone marrow failure disorders).

Outpatients clinics are available at Whipps Cross Hospital, Newham University Hospital, Royal London Hospital. Additionally, community clinics are run for local patients.

We have a multidisciplinary approach to coordinating care with access to community support and therapies, liaison with education services, adolescent transition services, psychology services including neuro-psychometric assessments, transcranial doppler scans, ferriscans and neuro-imaging/neuro-imaging opinions.

We have medical day units (Whipps Cross Hospital, Newham University Hospital, Royal London Hospital) that offer regular transfusion services, other infusions as well as a range of diagnostics. Inpatient facilities are located on Acorn Ward (Whipps Cross Hospital), 7F or PASSU (Royal London Hospital) and Rainbow ward (Newham University Hospital).

Contact us

  • Haemoglobinopathy Network Coordinator: 0203 2460335
  • Haematology secretary: Royal London Hospital 02032460352, Whipps Cross Hospital 020 8539 5522 ext 5196, Newham University Hospital 02073639236 (Rainbow ward)
  • Clinical Nurse Specialist: The Royal London Hospital 07718271805, Whipps Cross Hospital (community CNS Wood Street HC) 020 8430 7639

Meet the team


  • Whipps Cross Hospital: Dr Farzana Bashir
  • The Royal London Hospital: Dr Banu Kaya, Dr Paul Telfer, Dr Filipa Barroso, Dr Andrea Simmons and Prof Inderjeet Dokal 
  • Newham University Hospital: Dr Anjum Babadur, Dr Rakesh Ravi

Clinical nurse specialists

  • The Royal London Hospital: Kim Newell, Isaac Amoh, Esther Akinwunmi (community CNS, Hackney)
  • Whipps Cross Hospital: Corine Laroque-Joseph (community CNS, Waltham Forest)

Haemoglobinopathy Network Coordinator: David Kafuko

Secretary for The Royal London Hospital: Luke Shackleton

Information for professionals

We provide a choose and book service for new patient referrals to our general paediatric haematology clinic at the Royal London Hospital (anaemias, leucopenias, thrombocytopenia). Direct referrals can also be made for local review at Whipps Cross Hospital (Dr Farzana Bashir) and Newham University Hospital (Dr Anjum Babadur). We recommend lymphadenopathy is referred to general paediatrics. Suspected cases of cancer should be referred to the paediatric oncology clinic. Disorders of haemostasis (except ITP) should be referred to the paediatric haemostasis clinic (Prof John Pasi).

We have dedicated haemoglobinopathy clinics at the Royal London Hospital, Whipps Cross Hospital and Newham University Hospital. Transcranial doppler clinics run from the Royal London Hospital, Whipps Cross Hospital and from the Newham Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia Centre, East Ham. New haemoglobinopathy diagnoses should be referred to the appropriate local clinic.

Community support is available in Tower Hamlets (based at Royal London Hospital), Hackney (based at the Homerton Hospital), Waltham Forest (Based at the Wood Street Health Centre, Walthamstow), Newham (based at the Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia Centre, East Ham).

East London and Essex shared care guidelines are available for the management of haemoglobinopathies.

Our research

We undertake basic and translational research in many areas of haematology. This includes clinical trials in haemoglobinopathies, haemophilia and biology of bone marrow failure, myelodysplasia and leukaemia. The research is undertaken collaboratively with Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry.