My visit to A&E

Children’s Accident and Emergency (A&E) is located on the ground floor of The Royal London Hospital. Children and young people come here for all different reasons. 

First you will meet with the receptionist, they will ask for your name, date of birth and why you have come to A&E. You will then be asked to take a seat in the waiting room and wait for your name to be called. There are activities, magazines and a TV in the waiting room to keep you busy while you wait. You will see lots of other children/young people and their families who also need some help from the team, so sometimes there may be a wait.  

When your name is called, you will be seen by a nurse. The nurse will ask more about why you came to A&E, take your temperature, blood pressure and weigh you. The nurse may then send you back out to the waiting area to wait to be seen by the doctor. 

When the doctor is ready to see you, he/she may ask you and your parent/carer more questions about why you came to A&E. The doctor will then decide your treatment plan. You might meet a play specialist or a specialty doctor during your visit. The team will work together to treat your condition. 

Most children/young people go home after being treated, but sometimes if you are very poorly, the doctor may ask you to stay at the hospital. If you stay the night at the hospital, your parent/carer can stay until you are well enough to go home. The medical team can keep you updated with information along the way so that you know if this is a possibility.