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June 2020 Update from the Youth Empowerment Squad

14th June 2020, 1-3pm Virtual Meeting

At the June meeting, the Co-Chair outlined the projects members have been working on, specifically the recruitment video and resources for young people on adult wards. Explaining that these projects will have to be on hold for now due to COVID-19.

The YES COVID19 Information Leaflet for Young People has been distributed on social media. The success of the leaflet was discussed, and YES members are encouraged to share it as much as possible.

Following on from the May meeting, an information pack was produced to help prepare YES members partaking in future interview panels. The pack was reviewed by the meeting attendees and further suggestions were made. Two packs were created: One for YES members to help prepare them for the interview process, and a second for Trust staff so that they can help support members on interview panels. YES members are encouraged to email the YES email address if interested in helping develop a final draft of the packs.

It was discussed how COVID-19 has affected the resources that are given out to patients in hospital. Single-use play bags have been created which allow for activities/toys that patients could take home with them (instead of being reused by the hospital). The idea is to create single-use play bags for adolescents and young people. YES members offered ideas for what should be included in the bags.

Guest Speaker, Alexia, from Films For All then spoke to members about the upcoming project on ‘What Matters to Me in Hospital.’  The project will take place over the next 2 YES meetings. There will be an introduction to the project, brainstorming ideas/prompts to allow for YES members to produce content, a lesson in the technical side of filming and finalising videos. YES members are encouraged to come up with their own concepts, how they will film it is up to the individual. YES members brainstormed ideas to discuss on their videos, such as young person- centred care, communication between hospital and school, a better understanding of young people’s social lives, consent to treatment and transparency over transitioning from children services to adult services. The workshop will begin on the 19th of July at the YES meeting. 

The Barts Health Youth Empowerment Squad is always looking for ways to expand their network. If you are interested in any of the above and/or having a hands-on approach to making a positive change for young people in hospital, please join our meetings! If you are interested in learning more about the Youth Empowerment Squad: click here or check us out on @Instagram @Twitter

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