Specialist children's services

The Specialist Children’s Services provide assessment, diagnosis, intervention and review for children with developmental concerns.  The focus is on children with moderate to severe difficulties.  Referrals are accepted from health and local authority professionals in accordance with service eligibility criteria. Self-referral is not accepted.

The conditions we provide service for include:

  • Developmental concerns in pre-school children, eg delayed milestones
  • Neurodisability, eg Cerebral palsy
  • Motor delay
  • Coordination problems
  • Social communication problems, eg suspected Autistic spectrum disorder
  • Speech and language problems (if a speech and language therapist seeks a paediatric opinion)
  • Chromosomal or metabolic disorders
  • Previously un-investigated learning difficulties
  • Significant emotional and behavioural problems suggestive of organic or developmental cause, metabolic / communication disorder, 

The service also provide medical assessment and reports for the following statutory services:

  • Safeguarding children,
  • Looked after children
  • Special Education Needs
  • Referrals to the statutory services are accepted from relevant Local Authority professionals and services.

Information for patients

If you have concerns regarding your child’s development, and may have one or more of the conditions listed above, please bring your child to see your family doctor or health visitor.  They will be able to make a referral to our service if they feel it is appropriate.

Why choose us

  • We have a team of highly experienced doctors, with specialist knowledge in child development, neurodisability, and vulnerable children. 
  • Our service receive positive feedback from our clients. 
  • We work closely with nurses, therapists, child and adolescent mental health services, teachers, educational psychologists and social workers. 
  • We provide a holistic, family and child centred model of service.

Information for professionals

We receive referrals from doctors, nurses, therapists,  child and adolescent mental health professionals,  teachers, educational psychologists and social workers.

There is now a new referral process for all referrals to the specialist children’s community health services which will now be managed via the Tower Hamlets single point of access. These services include:

  • Community children’s nursing team
  • Community paediatric medical team
  • Paediatric continence service
  • Paediatric asthma nurse
  • Children’s occupational therapy
  • Children’s physiotherapy
  • Children’s speech and language therapy
  • Children’s SLT, eating, drinking and swallowing services

Referrers will use one single form for all of these children’s services at Barts Health. We anticipate this will be a simpler and more efficient process for you. 

How do I now refer to children’s community health services?

For GPs the new referral form can be found on Resource Publisher, accessible via EMIS. The form is called: Specialist Children's Health service referral TH CEG (RP).

For other users of our services please use the Tower Hamlets specialist children services referral form [doc] 123KB and guidance docx] 109KB to refer to our services. If you have questions, please phone 0300 033 5000 or email the team.

Thank you for your understanding

We realise that it may take a short time to get used to this new referral form, so we will still accept old referral forms until 31 December 2018. However, we do expect you will start using the easier-to-use electronic referral from receipt of this letter.

All referrals will need to be sent electronically rather than sent directly to the service. Referrals via fax or post will not be accepted.

This change is part of the new model of care with the new community health services within Tower Hamlets Together, which includes Barts Health NHS Trust, East London Foundation Trust and the GP Care Group.