Frequently asked questions

What can I bring with me to hospital? 

  • Some spare clothes and pyjamas 
  • Soap and a toothbrush 
  • Something to remind you of home, your friends and family e.g your favourite toy, blanket and photos
  • Toys to help if you get bored 

Who can stay with me in hospital?

  • Your parents or carers can stay with you in hospital. There is a bed next to yours where one person can stay. 

Visiting times

  • Visiting times are a bit different on every ward. Please ask a member of staff when you arrive. 
  • Your parents/carers can visit you anytime 
  • Your friends, brothers and sisters can visit you too when they are not at school
  • Only three visitors are allowed by your bed at one time

Is there WiFi

  • If you or your parent/carer wants to go online there’s free WiFi at The Royal London Hospital. You can ask a member of staff to help you get online.

How can I make friends with other children in the hospital?

There are many ways you can make friends with other children while you are in hospital:

  • You can visit the play rooms on the wards or join in with the Play Team’s group activity sessions and Project Play in The Healing Space
  • Hospital school is a great place to meet other children while you learn.