Your child's inpatient stay

Helping your child in hospital

Try to keep things as normal as possible by helping with dressing, meal times, bathing and bedtime - just as you would at home. It would also help if you could be there before and after any treatments/procedures. Staff will let you know when these are planned – you can then talk to your child about what will happen. If he/she is upset or worried, please let the staff know.


Please talk to the doctor or ward staff if there’s anything that you don’t understand or if something is worrying you. The staff can explain more any treatment that your child needs, and discuss the risks and benefits, and any alternative options.

It is a good idea to find out what time the doctor does his/her rounds so that you can be present. You can then ask any questions and clarify anything that you don’t understand.

Schoolwork and play

We have play specialists and teachers assigned to each ward. A play specialist will help support your child before and after treatment and will also provide games and other activities during their stay.

The hospital teachers will ensure that your child doesn’t fall behind in their schoolwork if they are in hospital for a long time. It may be necessary to contact your child’s school for information.


Each ward has a direct line which staff will give you when you arrive. It would help us greatly if you could ask only one relative or friend to ring the ward each day and then pass news of your child’s progress.

Please switch off mobile phones before coming into the hospital as they can interfere with monitoring equipment. If you need to make a call from the hospital, please ask ward staff where the nearest pay phones are.


Apart from those whose treatment requires a special diet, children have a daily menu. This includes food that has been prepared and cooked according to their dietary needs, as well as to your custom or religious practice.

Going home

A day and time for your child’s discharge will be agreed with you in advance and everyone involved will work towards making sure your child goes home on time. Please leave your home address with the ward staff. If you are planning to stay somewhere else, please leave an address and phone number where you can be contacted.

Sharing information

Your health visitor or school nurse will be informed that your child was in hospital and provided with information about the treatment your child received. Your health visitor or school nurse may be in touch with you to arrange a visit if they feel it might be helpful.